One Stop Student Services Gets You Ready For The Second Semester

One Stop Student Services Gets You Ready For The Second Semester

The first semester will be ending before you know it, but your student’s planning for the second semester should already be underway. For many students, items on their to-do list like registering for the spring, accessing fall grades and continuing financial aid from semester-to-semester can be confusing.

But there’s good news as your student tries to navigate through these items – the One Stop Student Services website is there to help. The site includes information about your student’s academic plan, managing personal information, course and enrollment updates, accessing grades and transcripts, paying bills and continuing financial aid.

A few commonly asked questions include:OneStop_WebHeader

How does my student register for the Spring Semester?

Your student should see their academic advisor to prepare for registration. They can view their advisor, review the course catalog and see their enrollment appointment in their PAWS account. More information is available here.

How does my student find out their grades?

Official grades are available in PAWS, typically within one to two weeks of final exams. More information about how to access grades and calculate GPAs is available here.

How do I, as the family member, access my students grades?

A great place to start is to ask your student to share their grades with you openly. Academic expectations are an excellent on-going discussion for students and their family members to have. However, if you would prefer to have access to your students PAWS account, they will need to grant you designate access. Instructions are here.