November Housing Updates

November Housing Updates

There are a number of key items and upcoming dates and deadlines to remind your sandburg facing north for webstudent about as we move into the final weeks of the semester.

For more information or answers to your questions, visit University Housing online, call 414-229-4065 or email

Payment Deadline

November 6 is the final payment due date for student accounts that went into the Fall Installment Payment Plan. Please encourage your student to check their PAWS account to see what charges may be due this Friday. Past due balances will result in your student being unable to register for Spring classes.  Students with significant outstanding balances could also risk University Housing contract termination. Please encourage your student to review the terms of their housing contract for more details.

Student Employment Opportunities

For many students, on-campus employment becomes a viable option after they’ve completed their first semester of college. University Housing is frequently hiring new student staff members. All of our jobs can be found online.

Winter Break Notes

As we creep toward Winter, University Housing is starting to field more requests about Winter Break. Here are a couple of important notes:

  1. University Housing buildings stay open for the duration of Winter Break, though many food services are closed during that time. There is no additional room cost to stay during Winter Break, provided the student was a resident in the Fall, and will continue as a resident in the Spring.
  2. More details about preparing rooms/suites for Winter Break will come out in the December email.
  3. If a student does not plan to return to UWM for the Spring Semester, they should start their housing contract termination process now. More information is available online for students who have to explore this option. Please have your student visit the University Housing Office located in Sandburg C100, or email the office if they have any questions regarding the process.
  4. If a student will not be returning for Spring, their last day to move-out of University Housing is December 23, 2015 (by 6pm).

2016-2017 University Housing

Contracts for returning students will be released in early February. Students returning for a second year (or beyond) in University Housing will have the opportunity to pick out their specific room and suite they would like to live in (subject to availability). Returning students also have the privilege of signing up with friends to occupy an entire suite (not limited to picking only roommates). More details will be released after Winter Break!