Moving In To Your Off-Campus Home

Moving In To Your Off-Campus Home

This fall, more than 10,000 students will return to Milwaukee’s east side and for many it will be the first time they rent an off-campus apartment, duplex or house.

UWM offers several resources to guide students to a successful off-campus living experience. Most importantly, the Neighborhood Housing Office is their one-stop shop for all off-campus living questions and concerns. Smart renters take a few extra steps when they move-in to start things off on the right foot.

First, have your student review the University Legal Clinic Tenant Right and img-Robberies-reported-on-Milwaukee-s-East-sideResponsibilities Handbook, which is available online. Most landlords use a standard Wisconsin Legal Blank Rental Agreement but some will include addendums or additional clauses. If anything seems strange, have them visit the ULC. Also keep in mind that in the City of Milwaukee it is illegal for more than three unrelated adults to live together no matter how many bedrooms.

Second, when your student moves in make sure they use a check-in sheet to record the overall condition of the property. Most people will also take pictures or a video to document the overall state and any concerns they might have.

Third, encourage your student to create a roommate agreement with their new roommates. Spending time talking about expectations around study and sleep schedules, how bills will be paid, overnight guests, cleaning and discussing how the roommates will approach conflict can save hours of headaches later.

These three important tips can greatly improve your student’s off-campus living experience. UWM students who report greater satisfaction with their off-campus living environment obtain higher grades and persist more towards the following year.

A few other suggestions for those who are newer to renting in the city:

We hope your student has a positive experience living off-campus in the neighborhoods around UWM. They are some of the most beautiful and historic around the city!