Moving In To University Housing

Moving In To University Housing

One of the biggest transitions your students will face as they head off to college will be the change in their living environment. For many, it will be their first experience living away from home. For some, it will be their first experience living with a roommate. Regardless, University Housing is eagerly anticipating the arrival of you and your students for move-in.

The process of placing students into University Housing continues throughout the summer. Below you will find information on the various steps in the process and the date at which each step began.

Starting June 8, 2018 – Housing assignments start getting posted to MyHousing

Please note not all residents will be assigned on the first day assignments are released. Some students will wait well through the summer before getting their housing assignment. If your student is still waiting to learn their assignment, we suggest they check MyHousing about once a week (Fridays are best).

Sometimes students are assigned to locations not listed among their preferences. This indicates that at the time their record was pulled via the random lottery, none of their top three room preferences were available. We encourage you to work with your student to identify coping methods and solutions to some of their concerns about their assignment (changes in room assignments are rare, and should not be expected).

This is an important time in the life of your students to practice some adaptability and coping mechanisms. Typically, we find a student’s satisfaction with their University Housing experience is more indicated by their attitude coming into the year, than by any specific experience they have during the year (if your student expects to have a great year, they will have a great year).

Students who are unhappy with their assignment may complete a Room Assignment Change request at the University Housing website. That form may be completed anytime between June 8 and July 8. Changes that can be accommodated will be processed the week of July 9, with new assignments being posted by July 16.

Due to increased demand for rooms, we do not know how many changes will be able to be granted. If a change is not granted in the Summer Change Process, students will have to move in and wait for the start of semester room freeze to lift before pursuing a room change.

Starting July 1, 2018 – Move-In Guide and Information is available on the University Housing website

Move-in times are posted to the MyHousing site as soon as students get their room assignment (for students who have already received a room assignment).

Move-in will occur from August 28-30. Students are assigned a specific day and time to move in. This ensures that adequate staff, parking, carts and elevators are available to assist with your move.

Starting Mid-July 2018 – Move-In Guide is mailed to students who have received a room assignment

August 28-30, 2018 – Move-In

Cambridge Commons Move-In will have times scheduled for August 29-30, 2018

Purin Hall Move-In will have times scheduled for August 28-30, 2018

RiverView Residence Hall Move-In will have times scheduled for August 28, 2018

Sandburg Hall Move-In will have times scheduled for August 28-30, 2018

The ability to change move-in dates/times is very limited, due to staff and parking constraints. Interested parties may request a change of move-in appointments at Changes are not guaranteed. Contact with questions.