How To Sublease Your Apartment

How To Sublease Your Apartment

Has your student landed an internship in another city or decided to come home for the summer? There are options for your student even if they still have to fulfill the obligations of a lease.

  • Have your student get their lease reviewed by The University Legal Clinic. This service is free of charge to students and their office can help you determine what policies your landlord has for subleasing.
  • Have a conversation with the landlord and make a plan for finding a responsible tenant to take over your lease.

Once your student has sorted through the legalities of the lease and spoken to the landlord, your student should have a conversation with their roommates (if you have any) about their plans. Talking to roommates about what they would want in a potential new tenant (no pets, no smoking, etc) helps make sure their living situation will not be influenced by your student’s replacement.

To start the subletting process, your student can visit the UWM Neighborhood Housing website and create a listing for a sublease. To get more exposure on the ad, the ad can be placed on alternative platforms such as Craigslist.

Once responses start coming in, your student should set up times for potential tenants to visit the home and and meet the other roommates. After finding someone who would be a good fit, your student can put them in contact with the landlord and the landlord can start the application process.

To prevent financial losses, your student will want to ensure that the sublease agreement is carefully drafted in a manner that outlines all financial obligations are to be paid by the person taking over your student’s portion of the lease.

Article provided by UWM’s Neighborhood Housing Office – story posted May 3, 2022