Happy Fall 2019 from the Dean of Students Office

Happy Fall 2019 from the Dean of Students Office

My name is Adam Jussel and I’m the Dean of Students at UWM. The Dean of Students Office (DOS) is here to support students’ holistic well-being and success while providing intentional and practical responses to concerns that impact UWM students and community. These efforts are done through educational programming, collaborative partnerships and a commitment to inclusion and equity.
This information is an effort to connect, to collaborate and problem solve so we can provide the best support to students.  In here you will find tools to help report concerns or incidents, understand our campus student support teams and learn about our academic conduct process. We’ll wrap up the email with introductions to our team.
Need To Know:

DOS operates and assists in many key functional areas, including student support, tuition and fee appeals, grievances and complaints, and nonacademic and academic misconduct.

DOS also serves as a compliance office, ensuring UWM meets many federal, state and local laws.

DOS is happy to provide presentations and training on any of the work our office does.

Finally, DOS helps students, as well as faculty and staff, navigate policies and processes, access resources, and address concerns or questions they and you may have.

Report It:

If you, or someone you work with, need to submit a complaint or share a concern about someone, please use www.uwm.edu/reportit. In addition, you should submit reports and contact our office when there are any actual or possible disruptions to campus life, violations of student conduct policies, including academic integrity, or anything else you think we should be aware of.

By submitting a report, you can help us analyze the situation from a more complete point of view. Reporting also alllows us to work with you to identify strategies on how to best address the situation and/or to provide you with information on next steps including the student conduct process, if appropriate.

While you will likely be reporting on a single situation, the DOS may have information about other interactions with the individual across campus that provide a more complete picture of the concern. We will typically also contact you shortly after you submit a report, so we can get your perspective on the situation. Your report and collaboration will help us to provide a holisitic assessment and meaningful response.

Student Support Team And Care Team:

UWM has two (2) multidisciplinary teams to help analyze complicated situations, including when students may experience hardship or distress (Student Support Team), or when anybody threatens the UWM community (CARE Team). DOS leads the Student Support Team and co-chairs the CARE Team (threat assessment) along with UWMPD.

For more information on either of these teams please click the team name above.

Academic Misconduct:

If you have any concerns or questions relating to academic integrity, if you would like to consult regarding a suspected academic misconduct incident, and/or if you need assistance with crafting an academic conduct statement for your syllabus, please contact our office at dos@uwm.edu or 414.229.4632.

Student academic misconduct procedures are specified in Chapter UWS 14 and Faculty Document No. 1686.

An Introduction To Our Team And The Work We Do:
  • Adam Jussel, J.D., Dean of Students Directly engages incidents of events impacting student life, threat assessment (CARE) team, challenging issues or concerns, Student Affairs and campus initiatives, Student Support, etc.
  • Dr. Rebecca Freer, Associate Dean of Students, oversees student support operations including tuition and fee appeals, medical tuition credits, student consultation and complaint services, and chairs the Student Support Team.
  • Abby Meddaugh, M.Ed., Associate Dean of Students, oversees academic and non-academic misconduct operations and is a member of the CARE Team.
  • Barbara Wilson, M.S., Student Services Coordinator, assists with the coordination of the non-academic misconduct process.
  • Patrick Terry, M.S., Student Services Coordinator, assists with the coordination of the Student Support Team and emergency grants.
  • Domonique Smith M.S.,Student Services Coordinator, assists with the coordination of tuition and fee appeals, medical tuition credits, and consultation and complaints.
  • Mariah Greer, Student Services Specialist, assists with the Adademic Misconduct process and oversees front desk operations.
  • Our student employees
While I am relatively new to the UWM community, I have loved my time here thus far and have felt very welcomed by students, faculty, and staff. If there is anything you need, or feedback you have for me on how DOS can better serve the community, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.
Please feel free to contact us at any time – we are here to consult and help. If we don’t know the answer, we will do our best to get you connected with someone who does.
Adam and the Dean of Students Office Team
Office: Union 345; ph. 414-229-4632; email dos@uwm.edu
twitter: @dosuwm