Guiding Your Student’s Progress Toward Graduation

Guiding Your Student’s Progress Toward Graduation

How Do I Know If My Student Will Graduate In Four Years?

It’s a common question many families ask. Most students can graduate in four years if they successfully complete 15 credits each semester.

Students should attempt to complete their general education requirements early in their academic career while they are still exploring possible majors and careers. Students can run a UWM General Education Requirements report (under My Academics –> View My Advisement Report) in their PAWS account to stay on track.

Every major has different requirements for graduation, but there are some requirements across the board, including having at least a 2.0 GPA and completing 120 credits. Your student can review more specific requirements by each school/college when meeting with their academic advisor. Many students take summer or winterim courses to decrease their time to degree and additional financial aid is often available for those terms.

It is extremely important students speak to their academic advisor to get details for their planned major. Advisors are available year-round and are trained in their specific school/college. If your student is considering changing their major they should talk with their current academic advisor and one in the school/college they are hoping to transfer to prior to making a final decision.

Students should make an effort to declare their major by the end of their sophomore year. Students who choose to change their major (this is common) should be aware that this can increase their time to graduation. 

Graduating in four years decreases student debt and increases student satisfaction. Students should plan ahead if they hope to have an internship, study abroad, or complete undergraduate research, to keep on their four-year graduation path. Many students successfully participate in all of those activities during their four years and still graduate in a timely manner – hopefully your student will, too.