Guiding Your Student Toward Getting Involved

Guiding Your Student Toward Getting Involved

Get Involved! This message is prevalent across the UWM campus. The semester began with an involvement fair, student organizations recruiting new members, faculty searching for research assistants, offices hiring new employees and community organizations looking for volunteers. The involvement possibilities are endless, but how and why should students be involved?

Decades of research has consistently found students who are involved spend more time and energy on their academics, experience positive interactions with faculty, graduate at higher rates, and have a feeling of belonging to a campus community. Basically, the more students are engaged on campus, the more they learn.

Taking the first steps toward involvement is overwhelming for many students. They often don’t know where to start. Student Involvement, located in the Student Union, is a clearinghouse for many of the involvement opportunities on campus.  Professional and student staff are available to connect students with an involvement opportunity that matches a student’s special interests or professional goals. These opportunities range from one-time events to lifelong professional connections.


Short-term involvement opportunities are for those students who are not sure what they want to be involved in or if their time is limited. These activities are as simple as attending one of our many current campus events, joining an organization for a semester, trying the Craft of the Week, attending a leadership workshop or checking off an item from the UWM Bucket List.


Mid-term involvement opportunities are for those students who are interested in opportunities that require more time than just a day or two. These experiences include leading a student organization, joining a Sport Club, getting involved in The campus Dance Marathon, securing an internship or research assistantship or planning campus wide programs while on the Campus Activities Board.


Long-term involvement opportunities are for those students who are interested in making lifelong connections. These experiences include Greek life and professional organizations.

As a parent of a UWM student, we need your help. Our goal is to connect every student with one involvement opportunity. We want students to get the most out of their time on campus. If your student is struggling to find their connection to campus, encourage them to stop by our office in Union 363, talk to their RA or peer mentor. Getting involved at UWM is just one conversation or click away.

Story posted Nov. 14, 2022