First Year, Transfer Students Welcomes Set

First Year, Transfer Students Welcomes Set

Panther Academic Welcome and Transfer and Adult Student Welcome Day are again scheduled for the start of the school year. Please encourage your new or transfer student to take part in these activities.

For new first-year students, detailed information on PAW is online.

PAW will consist of four parts:

1. A required course taken via Canvas. Students will be given access between 8/25 and 8/27. It takes about two hours to complete and is self-paced.

2. Optional small group community building experiences. Students are asked to sign up to join either an in person or virtual small group between 8/28 and 9/4. These meetings will be 90 minutes and are limited to 10 participants for both in person and virtual experiences.

3. NSO/Fall Welcome materials distribution. In that same sign-up, students will select a method of how they’d like to receive their materials: (1) walk-through pick-up at Vogel Hall, (2) drive-through pick-up at Vogel Hall, or (3) have their materials mailed to them. There will be limited sign-ups per time slot for either pick-up option. Material pick-up will occur over an extended period of time (8/25-9/8).

a. Students living in University Housing will pick up their IDs when they move in. Students living off-campus will either pick up IDs from the PantherCard Office or receive their ID in the mail.

4. Campus Traditions

a. Coin Toss: Students will receive their class coin in their materials and are encouraged to toss in the fountain during the first week of class if they’re able to.

b. Class of Photo: Students will receive their “Class of” T-shirt in their materials. To participate in the class photo, students are encouraged to take a photo while participating in PAW, picking up their materials, tossing their coin, or showing their Panther Pride at home sometime before the first day of class. Photos can be emailed to

TAWD is for new transfer students and first-year students aged 21+. More information is online. TAWD will consist of three parts:

1. Optional Canvas course: The course will connect to campus resources and get students planning how they’ll set and achieve goals in their first semester.

2. Optional small group community building experiences. This will follow the same process as for PAW, all groups will take place on August 27, and both face to face and virtual options will be available.

3. TASO/Fall Welcome materials distribution will be available at the same times available to new first-year students