Final Exam Prep Tips

Preparing for Final Exam Season

Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming. Finals will be upon us soon. Here are someGolda-Meir-Library things to keep in mind.

  • Change Locations – If you’ve been studying in your room, try moving to the kitchen or going to the library when you start to lose motivation. It can help bring a wandering mind back to the task at hand, and also potentially improve your memory of the material.
  • Take Breaks – Research has shown that studying in small increments can help you retain information, so break up your study time into smaller sessions.
  • Drink Water – Drinking coffee and energy drinks can dehydrate you. Mild dehydration can impair cognitive functioning and mental performance, so remember to drink pleanty of water.
  • Don’t Cram – Cramming causes mental fatigue that impairs you from recalling information. Try studying a couple of weeks before the exam in small increments to retain the information better.
  • Make a Study Group – Motivating each other and bouncing ideas off one another can be a wonderful way to study. It also brings someone else into the room which can break up the monotony of studying alone.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude – A positive attitude goes a long way when studying. Having the right mindset will help you power through those long nights.
  • Planning a Reward – A treat for after finals can be a great goal to work toward. When you start to slow down while studying, think about that goal!