Tips for Family Members

Has your student talked with their Peer Mentor and/or Resident Assistant?
These student leaders can refer your students to all the resources UWM has to offer.

How is your student connecting to UWM?
Have they made friends, or joined a study group or a student organization? What about campus employment, intramural sports, undergraduate research, or studying abroad?

Has your student signed up for tutoring?
Many students wait too long to access tutoring or supplemental instruction, making it difficult to catch up. Tutoring is not just for students who may be struggling in a course; it provides valuable supplemental instruction for students at all skill levels. The Writing Center can also benefit writers of all levels by providing feedback on their work.

Is your student making healthy decisions?
Are they exercising and eating healthy? What about getting enough sleep? Have their social behaviors changed? Many resources highlighted within this guide exist on campus to help your students make healthy choices.

Has your student met with their academic advisor?
Advisors play a major role in student success. They can inform students about academic program requirements and ensure they take the necessary courses to graduate in a timely fashion. Additionally, advisors can inform students of all add/drop deadlines and any fees associated with courses.

Has your student gotten to know their professors?
Are they attending and participating in classes regularly? Have they been to visit their professors during office hours?

How will your student pay for college?
Have they completed their FAFSA? What about scholarship applications? Have they found on-campus employment?