Career Planning

Career Planning

Parents, family, role models, and friends play a significant role in contributing to students’ motivation and effectiveness in achieving their career goals and in their success during and after college.

  • Ask to share in their research of careers, identifying what they most want in a career, and determining their career goals
  • Help explore perspectives that you and your college students may have about career and college
  • Encourage behaviors that are helpful such as meeting regularly with an advisor regarding classes, speaking with a career counselor once a semester regarding career building activities, and learning how to navigate the college experience
  • Most importantly, listen and provide a safe and supportive environment for your college students to share their fears, concerns, and excitement

As family members, you are encouraged to check with your students and ask them questions such as:

  • What are your interests: what do you really like to do?
  • What are your skills and abilities: what do you do well?
  • What are your values: what do you really care about?
  • What specific resources are you using at UWM to learn about career possibilities?

Career Planning & Resource Center

The Career Planning & Resource Center (CPaRC) helps students from freshman year through graduation and beyond make informed choices on majors and careers, build marketable experiences into their education and prepare for the world of work. CPaRC resources include:

Career Counseling

Career Counselors work one-on-one with students on an appointment or walk-in basis on a variety of career development tasks and challenges. All appointments and walk-ins can be completed in-person or virtually, through phone or video platform. Simply complete the appointment request form on CPaRC’s website.

Workshops and Presentations

Topics include resume writing, utilizing social media, choosing a major, conducting career research, networking and interviewing.

Career and Job Fairs

CPaRC hosts at least one all-major career fair and one job fair each semester. CPaRC also hosts an Exploring Majors Fair for students who aren’t quite sure which major to choose, and for those who are considering adding a minor or certificate program. Check the webpage for dates and times.

Handshake Job Portal

UWM’s primary web-based resource that connects students and alumni with on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs, internships, and full-time positions.

Mellencamp 128 • (414) 229-4486 •

Checklist for students

  1. Meet with a career counselor
  2. Get familiar with UWM majors, departments, schools, and colleges
  3. Use CPaRC’s career library and website to research careers
  4. Attend career fairs and other events to learn about careers and employers
  5. Use Handshake to identify on/off-campus, part-time, and work-study jobs
  6. Meet with your academic advisor and first-year mentor
  7. Get involved in student organizations related to your major/career interests
  8. Enroll in classes that help you explore potential majors and careers as well as build career skills (Introduction to the Profession courses or EdPsych 110)

For more information:

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