Ask Keri: Updates To Fall Class Schedules

Ask Keri: Updates To Fall Class Schedules

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Do students need to worry about getting dropped from classes that are too large based on the social distancing recommendations for the fall?

Deans of school/colleges and the Provost’s office will be making decisions about fall classes with the goal of updating all schedules by mid-July. Students should check course schedules in PAWS or on the schedule of classes. Students will receive an email when these changes are completed. While it is not likely students will be dropped from courses, the rearranging of times, locations, and delivery methods of classes could result in a student wanting or needing to change their schedule.

Many classes this fall will be offered with a new hybrid format that maximizes face-to-face instruction while maintaining social distancing. Hybrid classes will include face-to-face and online learning, with no more than half of the students meeting in person at a given time. Students with health concerns may request accommodations to complete their coursework online.

Lab, studio, and other classes that involve hands-on learning or rely on student-teacher interaction will meet face to face. However, faculty members will be prepared to move online should the need arise. As in the past, hundreds of classes will be available fully online.

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Posted June 22, 2020