Ask Keri: Getting A 1098-T Form

Ask Keri: Getting A 1098-T Form

How do I or my student go about getting a copy of my student’s 1098-T form from UWM?

It’s tax season and getting a tuition statement and other financial documents is important before filing your taxes.

Your 1098-T form includes the total dollar amount of qualified tuition less remission billed to you in a calendar year. It may help you determine your eligibility for certain education tax credits.

Obtaining a 1098-T form is a straightforward process and UWM’s One Stop Student Services has instructions for students.

  1. Look for an email from between January 1–31 (this email probably went to your students address)
  2. The email will include a Certificate Number and a link to the verification page
  3. Copy and paste your Certificate Number into the page, verifying your information is correct
  4. The Document Inbox will include the current 1098-T
  5. Previous years will be in the Archived folder
  6. Click the document link to view and print a PDF file

To view or print your previous 1098-T forms any other time throughout the year, go to and request a Certificate.