Ask Keri: Getting A 1098-T Form

Ask Keri: Getting A 1098-T Form

How do I or my student go about getting a copy of my student’s 1098-T form from UWM?

It’s tax season and getting a tuition statement and other financial documents is important before filing your taxes.

Your 2020 1098-T form includes the total dollar amount of qualified tuition less remission billed to you in a calendar year. It may help you determine your eligibility for certain education tax credits.

  1. 2020 1098T Tax forms can now be accessed directly through your PAWS account. To retrieve your 1098T electronically, you will need to file an electronic consent through PAWS:
  2. Log into PAWS.
  3. In the Finances section, click the other Financial… drop down menu
  4. Click ‘View 1098-T’
  5. Click the Grant Consent Button.
  6. Review the Agreement and check the ‘Yes, I have Read the agreement’ box to confirm your selection.
  7. Submit.
  8. Once you have consented, your form will be visible in PAWS. Click on the hyperlink to download/print your form.

If you do not agree to receive it electronically, your 1098T will be mailed to you to the mailing address you have on file, postmarked by January 31st. Please review your address information in your Student Center. Additional 1098T information is available on the UWM OneStop site.

Please email with any questions.

Story posted Jan. 7, 2021