Ask Keri: Answers To Recent Common Questions

Ask Keri: Answers To Recent Common Questions

The beginning of a new school year often leaves parents and families with many questions, and the unique circumstances of the fall 2020 semester is creating more questions that ever. External Relations Director Keri Duce answers some of the questions most commonly being asked over the first week-plus of school. As always, families can send questions they have to the Panther Family Association at

Where does my student do laundry?

University Housing provides various laundry facilities for residents to use. In Cambridge Commons, the laundry room is on the first floor, near the fitness room. Kenilworth Square Apartments have some apartments with laundry in the unit (called upgrade apartments), as well as a community laundry room on the second floor. The laundry room in Purin Hall is in the basement on the north side of the building. In RiverView, the laundry room is on the second floor in the south wing. There are two laundry facilities located in Sandburg Halls: one on the G2 level of North Tower, and one on the Upper Level of East Tower. Each facility is equipped with washing machines, steam or electric dryers, folding tables, and a lounge area.

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How does mail delivery work for students in residence halls?

The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail to Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Square, RiverView, and Sandburg Hall on every regular mail day. This mail is then sorted by Service Desk staff and placed in individual boxes. Each resident is assigned a personal mailbox, secured by either a combination or keyed lock. The Service Desk will accept packages, holding them until the resident picks them up, but no C.O.D. deliveries will be accepted. You can find your students mailing address online.

How does the Prowl Line shuttle capacity limits impact wait times?

The Prowl Line did resume operations for the Fall 2020 semester with limited capacity. No more than 25% of the seats can be occupied on any bus due to social distancing guidelines.

Transportation services staff are monitoring ridership levels on the shuttles. Students should plan ahead to ensure they arrive on-time for class. More tips for riding are available online.

Prowl Line is a supplemental bus service that provides direct transportation from the Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot to the UW-Milwaukee Kenwood Campus, and the North Ave Residence Halls; Cambridge Commons, Riverview Residence Hall, and Kenilworth Square Apartments.

The BOSS van safe ride service is also running with some policy changes. More information is available at:

Please see the latest news article from UWM Transportation Services for additional updates due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Have student dining options been expanded?

As more staff are trained and available, options are continuously being expanded.

If students continue to have questions or concerns about dining services, they should utilize this form to provide feedback or ask questions.

There are two locations online to read more about current dining options. UWM’s Reopening website has an extensive FAQ on University Dining Services, while dining services’ own website has updated hours, menus and discounts.