Updates From University Housing

Updates From University Housing

We want to help you encourage your students to learn how to navigate campus and advocate for their own education! Whether they are finding ways to get involved, navigating a roommate conflict, or looking for a job, your students (as developing young adults) should be learning how to do these things on their own. However, we know that this is a continually evolving development, so in the hopes of making you informed enough to know the questions to ask of your students (but not informed enough to answer all of them), we’ve got some notes for you below.

As we cross through midterms for many classes, many of us in University Housing are starting to think about Finals and next semester.

Academic Success (Part of University Housing Mission Statement “CLASS”)

By now, your students should have a good sense on how they are doing with the material in their classes. If they are struggling, there is still time for them to connect with Panther Academic Support Services (https://uwm.edu/pass/) to make corrections before the semester is past. PASS offers many sections of supplemental instruction (class-like settings) and individual tutoring (including some tutoring provided in Cambridge 143 and Sandburg C210 every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 7 PM -9 PM.  Currently, tutoring for Math and Chemistry are offered in the residence halls.  Getting help is not a sign of weakness but rather a strength.  Many students who already have a high GPA and those who are working on getting it up seek help from a highly trained tutor.  Sometimes having someone else other than the professor/TA explain a concept can make the world of a difference.  By the way, University Housing has put on some pretty cool events like Cookies, and Chemistry where warm chocolate chip cookies were brought into students who were getting tutoring.  Or a free laundry event for anyone who was studying with PASS would get a free wash and dry.  Keep an eye out for more events in the coming months.

Develop a Plan (Part of UWM “PRIDE” Statement)

It’s also time for your students to start planning for the second semester. They should be (a) reviewing the course requirements for their planned/majors and minors; (b) reviewing the UWM Calendar of Classes (http://www.uwm.edu/schedule/) to see what is offered that fits their degree plans; (c) meeting with their academic advisor; and (d) preparing their PAWS enrollment shopping cart so they can add classes as soon as their appointment time comes up. For our first-year students, this will be their first time building a class schedule mostly on their own. It’s important for them to do the preparation work, and have some alternatives in mind ahead of time, in case their preferred sections are not available.

Upcoming Payment Deadline

Please keep in mind that if your student is using the installment payment plan to pay their Fall charges, the second of two due dates is coming up on November 8, 2017! Remember – your student will have to have their account paid in full to be able to sign up for Spring 2018 classes.

Check Account Balances

If your student hasn’t looked at their financial statements – now is the time to do it!! They should login to PAWS and look for the Finance Section on their Student Center Page. If you’d like to see these statements for yourself – make sure your student has given you access to their account by using the “Designate Access” option in PAWS. For more information, see the UWM Knowledge Base link below.

Access to other Educational Records Protected by FERPA

In addition to accessing Financial and Academic Records in PAWS, students may also consent for the University and its staff member to release information that would otherwise be protected by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). (For instance, housing behavior policy incidents). Students may consent to these types of releases via their PAWS account. For more information, see the UWM Knowledge Base page below.

Designate Access Article on the UWM Knowledge Base Site – https://kb.uwm.edu/page.php?id=64679

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