IMPORTANT UPDATE Week #14 – FREE Training Opportunity (in less than 100 words)

Good afternoon, FPM staff!
In 2021, the FPM Engagement Team has provided you with many FREE training opportunities- everything from a step-by-step guide to revamping your resume to a list of tools you can use to deal with stress.
Today, we present you with the final weekly offering, as we have decided to move to a monthly format. 
This training is brought to you by the FPM Employee Engagement Team.
There will be two sessions to allow for as many participants as possible. Please work with your supervisor to choose the best session to attend.

Each session will include an update from Melissa Spadanuda, Associate Vice Chancellor.

Follow this link – or use the QR code below – to sign up for your preferred session time.
Submit your questions to:
Looking forward to seeing you,

The FPM Engagement Team