Student Organizations – Branding Rules and Regulations

Using The University’s Name and Marks

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s logos and names are registered trademarks and the use of any of these logos or names is strictly controlled. There are limitations on which logos and other marks are available for use by student organizations. Details on permissible and impermissible uses are below.

Logo Usage

As a general rule, the use of the primary, official University and athletics logos by student organizations is not allowed.

The usage of a number of other secondary logos is allowed

Additional secondary marks and type treatments are available. Lockup logos are also available for club sports and student organizations.

Student Organizations do have the option of creating a type treatment or other graphic element to represent their organization. These designs MUST receive approval before being used in any way. Approval must be obtained from the following offices:

  • ALL GROUPS – Office of Licensing and Enforcement
  • CLUB SPORTS – University Recreation
  • OTHER STUDENT ORGANZATIONS – Office of Student Involvement

Student organizations with a direct affiliation to an academic department may be able to obtain permission for logo usage or logo creation from the marketing representative within their school/college. A list of logo liasons can be found here.

Name Usage

The use of the University’s name and nickname by student organizations is acceptable when following specific guidelines. In general, the University name must come after the club name.

Acceptable Examples

  • Student Org/Club at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Student Org/Club at UW-Milwaukee
  • Student Org/Club at UWM

 Unacceptable Examples

  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Org
  • UW-Milwaukee Student Org
  • UWM Student Org

 Additional Acceptable Names and References

  • Milwaukee
  • MKE
  • Pounce

Student organizations unconnected to sports may be allowed to use the word Panthers in their name. The name should also then include the word “club”. Permission is required for this name usage and that permission does not include usage of the official athletics logo.

Club Sports

In addition to following the guidelines listed above, club sports must also consider whether or not their sport is also sponsored at the Division I level by UWM’s Department of Athletics.

For sports sponsored at the Division I level, clubs must use the word “Club” in all branding.

For sports not sponsored at the Division I level, clubs are not required to use the word “Club” in their branding.

Clubs are not permitted to use official primary university logos as described above. Clubs also must follow the naming guidelines. Many clubs choose to brand themselves as “Milwaukee” – ex. Milwaukee Bowling or Milwaukee Soccer Club.

Affiliates Of National Organizations

Student organizations affiliated with a national organization can attach one of the lines below to the national organization’s name

  • At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • At UWM
  • At UW-Milwaukee

Some national organizations may have brand standards that are in conflict with the University’s brand standards. This is most often seen in color choices and usage. Please consult the Office of Licensing and Branding for assistance if your national organization requires colors or other designs that may conflict with University requirements.

Brand Standards

Any group affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is expected to comply with the University’s general branding standards. This includes the use of the University’s official colors. The use of colors outside of the University’s official colors is subject to review and is strictly limited.

Branded Merchandise and Licensed Vendors

All branded merchandise and promotional products (including uniforms and work/office wear) must be produced by vendors licensed by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Merchandise for sale or for giveaway is also subject to royalty fees, with royalty revenues directed toward student scholarships. The Office of Licensing and Enforcement maintains a current list of licensed vendors and must approve the production of all branded merchandise in advance of production.

Waukesha and Washington County Students

Student organizations at UWM-Waukesha and UWM-Washington County are required to follow the same guidelines listed above. Student orgs on those campuses can include their campus location in the name (ex. Student Org at UWM-Waukesha; Student Org at UW-Milwaukee-Washington County)


The Office of Licensing and Enforcement can provide university branding guidance and approvals for all student organizations.

Union Marketing can provide design, marketing and printing services for all student organizations. Union Marketing can also assist in locating licensed vendors for merchandise and promotional product projects.