Student Organization Branding Guidelines

Student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee must follow a set of guidelines for the naming and branding of their organization.

UWM’s logos and names are registered trademarks and the use of any of these logos or names is strictly controlled. There are limitations on which logos and other marks are available for use by student organizations.

  • In most cases, the use of primary, official University and athletics logos by student organizations is not allowed. Organizations directly related to UWM academic departments may be able to obtain permission from their logo liason for use of officially-approved school/college branding.
  • The usage of a number of other secondary logos is allowed.
  • Lockup logos are available specifically for club sports and for student organizations. Most student organizations do have the option of creating a type treatment or other graphic element to represent their organization. These designs MUST receive approval before being used in any way. Some groups may also be subject to the branding guidelines and requirements for the school, college or program they are affiliated with.
  • Student organizations must use a licensed vendor when producing branded merchandise

Any group affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is expected to comply with the University’s general branding standards. This includes the use of the University’s official colors. The use of colors outside of the University’s official colors is subject to review and is strictly limited.

The full guides of rules, regulations and contacts is available online.