Licensing and Royalties Exemption Form

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has established licensing policies in cooperation with IMG College Licensing. These policies are guided by existing UW System policies, best practices and emerging industry standards. These policies are consistently reviewed by UWM’s Office of Licensing and Enforcement, UWM’s Branded Merchandise Committee and IMG.

Any entity producing items bearing the trademarks, logos, names or references to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or its affiliates must order branded merchandise (apparel and non-apparel) from licensed vendors. This includes all campus departments and student organizations.

A 12 percent royalty on the wholesale price of all branded merchandise purchases will be paid by licensed vendors to the University. Licensed vendors often already include this royalty in their published pricing, while others may invoice it to customers as a line item. At UWM, these royalties are directed to student scholarships.

Should any campus department or student organization wish to request an exemption to the use of a licensed vendor or the inclusion of royalties on their purchase, they must receive approval from UWM’s Office of Licensing and Enforcement, which reviews all decisions with UWM’s Branded Merchandise Committee. Exemptions are extremely limited.

Licensing and Royalties Exemption

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