Information On Branded PPE Products

This information is current as of January 29, 2021

Thanks to the combined efforts of UWM’s Office of Licensing and Enforcement and its national licensing partner CLC, a large number of licensees are able to produce branded face coverings for the University and external partners.


This list includes a number of local and regional vendors many of our campus departments already use for other products. Not every licensed vendor has been approved for this category. Licensing for this product includes a requirement of elevated liability insurance, product approval via samples sent to CLC, and guidelines regarding the marketing of the products.

Campus-Wide Branded Face Covering Order

The University decided in mid-July to provide one branded face covering to all students, faculty and staff returning for the fall semester. These face coverings were distributed without charge. Additional distribution to students and high-need departments is continuing in the spring semester.

Individual Department Purchases

Individual departments interested in branded face coverings are free to contact any licensed vendor approved for this category to discuss the purchase of these products. It is strongly suggested you attempt to obtain samples of any products you are interested in purchasing as there are a wide variety of styles in the marketplace.

Making an individual departmental purchase would allow you to brand the face coverings as you want. Some will have a limited imprint space while others may be able to brand the entire item.

Smaller orders are possible with some licensees, but a minimum order of 250 is suggested to begin getting competitive pricing.

As always, follow all purchasing rules for larger purchases. Also inquire as to any art setup or shipping charges in making your final decisions.

Retail Availability For Individual Customers is an approved licensee and is currently selling branded face coverings. Pricing for a single item is priced around $14 (plus shipping). In particular, this is where you should direct alumni and other external constituents who are interested in branded face coverings.

The Panther Shop has also stocked some branded face coverings for purchase.

General Informational Notes

  • Overall supply chains for face coverings are much stronger now than they were in the spring of 2020, but it remains important to be persistent in confirming pricing and delivery timetables. Demand for higher-quality coverings remains high.
  • The products you see from licensees are non-medical grade and should make no claims about any ability to stop the transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses. Licensees should not make these claims to you, and likewise you should not make these claims to your employees, students or anyone else you will be distributing these products to.
  • Unbranded face coverings are available via the campus PPE distribution system.