Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is an advisory group established at UWM to help build momentum in the community for the university. The current model for the Board of Visitors was established by the Board of Regents in 1978 and states the board must be populated by community leaders not employed by the university.

Board members serve as ambassadors, assisting the university in discovering and promoting ways to integrate the institution’s intellectual assets with community aspirations. Members are asked to become informed about UWM’s mission, purpose and achievements, so as to serve as better advocates of the university. The overall objective is to increase the awareness of UWM regionally, nationally and internationally.

The board will advise the chancellor on community and regional needs, and keep the chancellor informed on the community’s attitudes, opinions, concerns and expectations of the university. Board members also advise and assist in communicating with faculty, prospective students, parents, alumni, government officials and the general public. They strive to improve the university’s overall level of service to society.

At Large Kathryn Koenen Potos
College of Engineering & Applied Science John Corbin
College of General Studies Carolyn Krause, PhD, RN
College of Health Science Mary Roggeman
College of Nursing Vicki Brahm
Emeritus Board of Visitor Member Daniel Fetterley
Emeritus Board of Visitor Member JoAnn Ratcheson
Emeritus Board of Visitor Member Mike Roller
Emeritus Board of Visitor Member Clarence Harris
Emeritus Board of Visitor Member Lillian Paine
Graduate School Barbara Felix
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare James Koleas
Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health Jen Murray
Letters and Sciences Carol Gehl
Lubar School of Business Erik Owen
School of Architecture and Urban Planning Larry Schnuck
School of Continuing Education Guy Johnson
School of Education Emily Robertson
School of Freshwater Sciences vacant 
School of Information Studies Justin Liegl