Name, Image and Likeness Trademark Use Request Form

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is committed to protecting the use of its name, department names, monikers, logos and visual marks or any likenesses, including but not limited to advertising, stationery, websites, social media, cobranding, facilities or apparel and merchandise.

Trademark, copyrights, branding elements and identifying markers can include but are not limited to:

  • Words (for example, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Symbols (for example, athletics Panthers logo)
  • Colors (for example, Black and Gold)
  • Imagery (for example, campus/facility photography, roster headshots, photos in uniform)

A request to use University trademarks, branding elements or identifying markers must be submitted using the form below. Allow adequate time for review, including any required revisions.

Name, Image and Likeness Trademark Use Request Form

This form is required to be filled out as part of the process in requesting permission to use the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's name, logo or indicia as part of a name, image and likeness agreement. Requests should be for a specific use. Generic or blanket permission for usage is not available. For more information, contact UWM Licensing Director Kevin O'Connor via e-mail at
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