Campus Events

Virtual Mosaic Challenge

  • September 1 - September 30, 2020
  • Virtual
  • Fall Welcome

Collaborate with your friends, co-workers, or department in this online competition. Get three or more people together on a video call. As a group, create a unique image together using virtual video format (Teams, Zoom, etc). The image could be coordinated body parts to make a shape, colored backgrounds, or hold things up to the webcam to make an image. The final composition could be an abstract design, a funny image, or something neat. Get creative! 
Submit the final image (or video) via email to to be entered in a drawing. If you post it on your Facebook or Instagram, tag @LEC, you will be entered in the drawing another time. Winners will receive a book from the LEC bookshelf. 
Submissions can be submitted between September 1 – September 30 
For more information, please go here. 

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