Current Students

Milwaukee River downtown

Our Mission

The Intensive English Program at UWM trains students in U.S. language and culture to prepare them for successful careers, either as undergraduate and graduate scholars in a university environment, or as professionals. The IEP thus helps students adapt to the UWM campus, the city of Milwaukee and the wider Wisconsin and U.S. communities. The IEP focuses on developing and improving students’ communicative and cultural competence using authentic documents and situations, and encouraging critical awareness of cultures.

The IEP also contributes to scholarship in fields related to the teaching, learning and acquisition of second and foreign languages. In collaboration with other academic units on the UWM campus, the IEP helps in the training of future instructors in the field, and participates in and conducts research whose aim is to expand scholarly understanding of language learning and acquisition

Key to the success of the IEP are …

  1. strong relationships between IEP staff and students,
  2. a curriculum that responds to the greatest extent possible to individual student needs, and presents students with authentic documents and situations,
  3. cooperation and collaboration with UWM units whose missions also include
    international student and scholar services and
  4. collaboration with UWM academic programs that have an international component.