Holly Lebeck

Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies

Holly, ndezhnekas (my name is Holly). Shishibanindaw (I'm Citizen Potawatomi Nation, in OK). I look forward to serving American Indian families as a teacher. I hope to guide families to find ways to connect with one another, celebrate their cultures, and find happiness in learning and life. I utilize the 7 grandfathers teachings in my personal and professional life, seeking the Creator's guidance on my life path. I've been a private educator 13 years for pre-K to 8th grade. I've led physical education and social studies classes, in local family cooperatives. I'm pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Social Studies: Early Adolescent and Adolescent Education. Igwien (deep gratitude) to EQI, the elders and sisters that have brought these teaching and leadership scholarship opportunities to UW-Milwaukee students.