Savanna Elm

Bachelors in Math Education

Shekóli, (“hello” in Oneida Language) from Savanna Elm, a member of the Oneida Nation. Savanna is truly grateful to be a part of EQI – Teacher Training and Administrative Leadership (TTAL) Program and being able to work alongside with other teachers who have taught her in the past at Indian Community School. Savanna is also honored to be working with people who have the same driven passion to educate students, and to make a difference in schools and education. In this coming fall, it will be Savannas second year at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and intends on double majoring in mathematics education. Savanna enjoys helping her younger siblings and her peers with their homework challenges and will do her best to help anyone reach their academic goals and achievements. Savanna is known to be a confident, open-minded, self- reliance, determined, and very optimistic individual.

While Savanna was growing up, she received most of her elementary and middle school education at an all Native School called, “Indian Community School,” and enjoyed learning about her culture, the history, and the Oneida Language. Although, Savanna is great at academic work and helping others, in her free time, she enjoys playing sports including soccer and volleyball, and finding more ways to learn about the Native American Indian Culture. Savanna takes advantage at every opportunity that is given to her and tries her best to her abilities to reach her goals to achieve her success.