The 2023 program will run July 16-26.

American Indian Science Scholars Program is an educational program hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for Native American high-school students interested in fields of health and science. We are seeking current college students (or recent graduates) to serve as paid* mentors and chaperones in each of the communities that our youth are in. The purpose of this position is to ensure that each group of youth feel connected to each other and provide mentorship regarding your higher education journey.

NOTE: rate of pay will depend on the number of youth you are mentoring and any prior experience with this program. You must have a valid driver’s license.

Each day you will:
*Have short classes with participants and presenters. Including day trips to Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette, Concordia, and different colleges within UWM! Each day there are hands on activities presented by our partners.

*Present tool-box kits for college success (provided) and end of the day check-in with students.

*Stay in the UW-Milwaukee dorms with participants and other mentors.