Professional and Technical Communications Courses

ENG 205 | Business Writing
Instruction and practice in writing business reports, memos, and letters; particularly appropriate for students in business and related areas

ENG 206 | Technical Writing
Instruction and practice in writing technical reports, proposals, and other technical writing forms; particularly appropriate for students in science, engineering, architecture, and other applied sciences

ENG 207 | Health Science Writing
Instruction and practice in writing reports and research papers for health science professions; particularly appropriate for students in health related fields, including pre-medical, dental, etc.

ENG 214 | Writing in the Professions
Adaptation of writing to situations and requirements of specific professional writing genres, such as criminal justice, government, and environmental writing

ENG 425 | Advanced Business Writing
Advanced strategies in business writing; special focus on primary research, rhetorical and contextual analysis, problem-solving, collaboration, and persuasive writing

ENG 427 | Writing for Nonprofits
Persuasive writing of advocacy genres, such as reports, letters, websites, and social media, produced by nonprofit organizations. Focus on theory, practice, collaboration, and service learning.

ENG 428 | Strategic Writing for Organizations
Analysis and creation of written responses to a wide variety of organization issues, exigencies, and crises

ENG 429 | Technical Communications and Professional Leadership
Technical writing and communication concepts for understanding leadership problem-solving in organizations

ENG 430 | Advanced Writing Workshop
Tutorial course in advanced exposition; individual assignments and conferences

ENG 431 | Topics in Advanced Communications
Seminar in the history, theory, or practice of professional, technical, medical, or science communication

ENG 434 | Editing and Publishing
Training and practice in editorial procedures; preparation of fiction/nonfiction manuscripts for book or journal publication; editorial rewriting; editing; copyediting; proofreading; fundamentals of layout/design

ENG 435 | Professional and Technical Communications
The communication development process in business, industry, and government, with intensive practice and analysis of professional writing and publishing techniques and products

ENG 436 | Technical Documentation
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise technical instructions; audience analysis, customer requirements, information architecture, training materials, web projects, and emerging technology discussion topics

ENG 437 | Project Management for Professional Writers
Major stages of the writing process in workplace contexts: research, analysis, project planning and management, document design, usability testing, and revision

ENG 438 | Advanced Research Writing
Intensive instructions in methods and writing for research papers: audience analysis, bibliographic methods, computer searches, interpretation of data, style guides, abstracts and summaries and the publication process

ENG 439 | Information Design
Development of technical communication projects for external clients, applying theories from graphic design, usability, cognitive psychology, and technical communication

ENG 443 | Grant Writing
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise grant proposals and related documents; audience analysis, rhetorical approaches, research methods, and online grant seeking

ENG 444 | Technical Editing
Theories, methods, and practice in editing professional and technical documents; grammar and usage; copyediting and comprehensive editing; editor-writer relationship; rhetorical, social, and audience analysis

ENG 448 | Technical Communication Theory and Practice
Orientation to the technical communication field through service learning experience in which students write for organizations; application of technical communication theory to practice

ENG 449 | Writing Internship in English
Experience in a professional setting that enables English majors to apply course work and writing skills and to gain experience toward career goals

ENG 699 | Independent Reading
Advanced independent work under the supervision of an English faculty or instructional academic staff member; student must submit a study proposal