Minoring in English

Why Add the Minor in English?

Want to enrich your resume with enhanced skills in writing, oral communication, critical analysis, and research methods? Or just wish to spend more time reading literature, examining film and media, or writing your own creative fiction, poetry, or prose? Then the English Minor can be a great addition to your degree program.

In survey after survey, prospective employers complain that many of today’s graduating students lack the skills in writing and presentation that English degree holders typically have. Whether you are going into a scientific field, a health or medical career, business, or one of the professions, an English Minor demonstrates to future employers or graduate programs that you have the broad preparation to succeed.

Completing the English Minor can easily be accommodated in your schedule, as we offer high flexibility in course choice and requirements.

The minor in English consists of 18 credits.  All students are required to take English 215 (Introduction to English). In addition, a minimum of 15 credits in English courses numbered 300 and above (at least 9 taken in residence at UWM), including at least one of the following classes: English 451 (Chaucer), English 452 (Shakespeare), English 454 (Milton) or English 530 (Studies in Shakespeare).