Minor: Focus in Writing, Editing and Publishing

Many students may pursue careers in writing, editing and publishing, whether in creative, professional, or technical fields. You can choose to major in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Professional Writing, or you may just want to take a few courses to strengthen your preparation in this area. Students majoring in other English tracks might also find these courses provide important career skills. An English Minor can be designed to focus on this array of classes; see the English Undergraduate Advisor if you want to explore that option.

Here are some course suggestions:

ENGLISH 205: Business Writing
Instruction and practice in writing business reports, memos, and letters. Particularly appropriate for students in business and related areas.

ENGLISH 206: Technical Writing
Instruction and practice in writing technical reports, proposals, and other technical writing forms. Particularly appropriate for students in science, engineering, architecture, and other applied sciences.

ENGLISH 207: Health Science Writing
Instruction and practice in writing reports and research papers for health science professions. Particularly appropriate for students in health-related fields, including pre-medical, dental, etc.

ENGLISH 214: Writing in the Professions
Adaptation of writing to situations and requirements of specific professional writing genres, such as criminal justice, government, and environmental writing.

ENGLISH 240: Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
Major concerns in cultural criticism, including race, gender, class, cultural identity, technology, and ideology; examines how rhetoric, writing, and media influence our thinking about these concerns.

ENGLISH 310: Writing, Speaking, and Technoscience in the 21st Century
Theories and practices of communicating about science and technology.

ENGLISH 418: Literary Journal Production
Develop a working understanding of the editorial, design, production, and promotional processes at the heart of successful literary and arts journals. Features hands-on editing of the undergraduate literary magazine Furrow.

ENGLISH 430: Advanced Writing Workshop (3 units; U/G ; OWCB)
A tutorial course in advanced exposition. Individual assignments and conferences. Enrollment limited to 12 students.

ENGLISH 434: Editing and Publishing
Training and practice in editorial procedures; preparation of fiction/nonfiction manuscripts for book or journal publication; editorial rewriting; editing; copyediting; proofreading; fundamentals of layout/design.

ENGLISH 435: Rhetoric and Professional Writing
Theories and practices of rhetoric and professional writing with attention to business, technical, and community contexts.

ENGLISH 436: Technical Documentation
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise technical instructions; audience analysis, customer requirements, information architecture, training materials, web projects, and emerging technology discussion topics.

ENGLISH 439: Information Design
Development of technical communication projects for external clients, applying theories from graphic design, usability, cognitive psychology, and technical communication.

ENGLISH 442: Writing Center Tutoring Practicum (1 unit; U/G)
Theory, methods and (paid) practice in tutoring college-level writers across disciplines and genres.  Experience in a professional setting that enables student tutors to improve their own writing skills while helping others to improve theirs.  Enrollment limited to newly hired UWM Writing Center tutors.

ENGLISH 443: Grant Writing
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise grant proposals and related documents; audience analysis, rhetorical approaches, research methods, and online grantseeking.

ENGLISH 444: Technical Editing
Theories, methods, and practice in editing professional and technical documents; grammar and usage; copyediting and comprehensive editing; editor-writer relationship; rhetorical, social, and audience analysis.

ENGLISH 448: Technical Communications Theory and Practice
Orientation to the technical communications field through service learning experience in which students write for organizations. Application of technical communications theory to practice.

ENGLISH 449: Writing Internship in English
Experience in a professional setting that enables English majors to apply course work and writing skills and to gain experience toward career goals.