Wysocki, Anne Frances

Associate Professor Emerita

website: https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/awysocki/wysocki.html


PhD, Michigan Technological University
San Francisco Art Institute, Animation and Film Studies
MA, University of California at Berkeley
BA, University of California at Berkeley

Teaching Interests:

New media aesthetics, composition, culture, and rhetorics; technologies of communication; pedagogy

Selected Publications:

Wysocki, Anne F., and Lynch, Dennis A. The DK Handbook, 2nd ed. Longman, 2010.
Wysocki, Anne F., and Lynch, Dennis A. compose/design/advocate: a rhetoric for integrating the written, visual, and oral. Longman Press, 2006.
Wysocki, Anne F. “awaywithwords: on the possibilities in unavailabledesigns.” Computers & Composition 22.1 (2005): 55-62.
Wysocki, Anne F. “Learning from Fatty Bear: Calling Forth Gender in Children's Interactive Multimedia.” Multiliteracies for the Twenty-first Century. Ed. Huot, Brian, Bazerman, Charles, and Stroble, Elizabeth. Hampton Press, (2004): 227-252.
Wysocki, Anne F., and Jasken, Julia I. “What Should be an Unforgettable Face.” Computers & Composition 21.1 (2004): 29-48.
Wysocki, Anne F., Johnson-Eilola, Johndan, Selfe, Cynthia, and Sirc, Geoffrey. Writing New Media: Theory and applications for expanding the teaching of composition. Utah State University Press, 2004.
Wysocki, Anne F., and Lynch, Dennis A. “From First-Year Composition to Second-Year Multiliteracies: Integrating Instruction in Oral, Written, and Visual Instruction at a Technological University.” Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators 26.3 (2003): 149-170.
Wysocki, Anne F. “The Multiple Media of Texts: How Onscreen and Paper Texts incorporate Words, Images, and Other Media.” What Writing Does and How It Does It: An Introduction to Analysis of Text and Textual Practices. Ed. Bazerman, Charles, and Prior, Paul. Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, (2003): 123-163.
Wysocki, Anne F. “A Bookling Monument.” Kairos 7.3 (2002).