Williams, Madison Rose

Teaching Assistant

Plan: Professional and Technical Writing - MA

Achieved Degree(s):
BA English, Professional and Technical Writing, UWM, December 2017; BA Communication, UWM, December 2017

Selected Publication(s):
Sellin-Blanc, Jessica, and Paul Doro. “Gender, Race, and Rage in Trump's America and Cult.” Gender, Sexuality, and Queerness in American Horror Story: Critical Essays, McFarland, 2019, pp. 113–129. ; Sellin-Blanc, Jessica. “Priming the Multiverse: Contextualizing the Kelvin Timeline Through Gene Roddenberry's Original Narrative.” The Kelvin Timeline of Star Trek: Essays on J.J. Abrams' Final Frontier, McFarland, 2019.

Teaching Experience:
ENG 101, Introduction to College Writing; ENG 102, College Writing and Research

Professional Website: https://madisonrosewilliamsportfolio.weebly.com