Shevaun Watson

Associate Professor, Director of Composition


PhD, Miami University of Ohio
MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA, University of Minnesota

Selected Publications

Watson, Shevaun (Forthcoming 2020). “Beginning Again, Again: Monument Protest and Rhetorics of African American Memory Work.” Not Light, but Fire: Activist Issues and Contemporary Echoes in Nineteenth-Century American Rhetorics. Eds. Lisa Zimmerelli and Patricia Bizzell. MLA Press.

Watson, Shevaun (2017). “The Blugold Seminar at UW-Eau Claire.” Writing Program Architecture: Thirty Cases for Reference and Research. Eds. Bryna Siegel Finer and Jamie White-Farnham. Utah State UP

Poirot, Kristan, and Shevaun Watson (2015). “Memories of Freedom and White Resilience: Place, Tourism, and Urban Slavery.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 54.2.

Watson, Shevaun, Cathy Rex, Eric Jennings, Jill Markgraf, Hans Kischel, and Kate Hinnant (2013). “Revising the ‘One-Shot’ through Lesson Study: Collaborating with Writing Faculty to Rebuild a Library Instruction Session.” College & Research Libraries 74.4.

Watson, Shevaun (2011). “Trying Silence: The Case of Denmark Vesey and the History of African American Rhetoric.” Silence and Listening as Rhetorical Arts. Ed. Cheryl Glenn and Krista Ratcliffe. Southern Illinois UP.

Watson, Shevaun (2009). “‘Good Will Come of This Evil’: Enslaved Teachers and the Transatlantic Politics of Early Black Literacy.” College Composition and Communication 61.1.

Susan Jarratt, Katherine Mack, Alexandra Sartor, and Shevaun Watson (2009). “Pedagogical Memory: Writing, Mapping, Translating.” Writing Program Administrator 33.1-2.

Watson, Shevaun, and Morris Young (2007). “Professing ‘Western’ Literacy: Globalization and Women’s Education at the Western College for Women.” Women and Literacy: Local and Global Inquiries for a New Century. Ed. Beth Daniell and Peter Mortensen. Lawrence Erlbaum.

Watson, Shevaun (2001). “Complicating the Classics: Neoclassical Rhetorics in Two Early American Schoolbooks.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly 31.4.