Van Pelt, William

Associate Professor Emeritus



PhD, English and German Literature, University of California-Santa Cruz
MA, English and German Literature, University of California-Riverside
BA, Math & English, University of California-Riverside
William V. Van Pelt CV

Research Interests:

Cultural Factors in International Web design
Rhetorical Theory
Communication, Writing, and Information Technology
Poetics and Literary Criticism
Romanticism in English Literature and Culture
Online Pedagogy and Writing

Teaching Interests:

Technical and Professional Writing
Rhetoric and Writing for Information Technology
English Romantic Literature
American Short Fiction
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

Recent Publications:

Vanpelt, William V., Zahedi, Mariam, and Srite, Mark. “Web Documents' Cultural Masculinity and Femininity.” Journal of Management Information Systems 23.1 (2006): 87-128.
Vanpelt, William V., Zahedi, Mariam, and Song, Jaeki. “A Conceptual Framework for International Web Design.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 44.2 (2001): 83-103.
Vanpelt, William V. “Postmodernism.” Theorizing Composition. Ed. Kennedy, Mary. Greenwood Press, (1998): 218-223.
Vanpelt, William V. “Critical Annotation of Martin Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays.” St. Martin's. Ed. Alred, Gerald J. (1997): 167-168.
Vanpelt, William V., and Gillam, Alice M. “Peer Collaboration and the Computer: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and the Work Place.” Collaborative Writing in Industry: Investigations in Theory and Practice. Ed. Lay, Mary M., and Karis, William M. Baywood Publishing Company, (1991): 170-205.
Vanpelt, William V. “Collaborative Writing with Computers: Software Documentation Projects for Technical Writing Classes.” Collaborative Writing and Group Projects for Technical Writing Classes. Ed. Louth, Richard, and Scott, Ann M. University of Minnesota: Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, (1989): 193-203.