Lynch, Dennis

Associate Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of California, Berkeley
MA, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests:

Modern Rhetorical Theory
Composition Studies

Teaching Interests:

Modern Rhetorical Theory
Rhetorical History and Theory
Rhetoric and Composition

Other Relevant Activities:

Director of Composition

Selected Publications:

Wysocki, Anne F., and Lynch, Dennis A. The DK Handbook, 2nd ed. Longman, 2010.
Wysocki, Anne F., and Lynch, Dennis A. compose/design/advocate: a rhetoric for integrating the written, visual, and oral. Longman Press, 2006.
Lynch, Dennis A. “Complicating the Scene of Argument: Into, Through, and Beyond Pro and Con.” Advances in the History of Rhetoric vol. 8. Ed. Mclish, Glen. American Society for the History of Rhetoric, (2005).