Lanters, José

Professor, Celtic Studies Co-Director


PhD, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
BA & MA, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Areas of Research and Teaching

Irish Literature and Culture
Irish Literature and Culture
Modern British Literature

Other Relevant Activities

Past President, American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS)
Vice-Chair for North America, International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL), 2006-present.
Faculty Co-Director, UWM Center for Celtic Studies

Selected Recent Publications

Lanters, Josepha C. “Rewriting History: Narrative Resistance and Poetic Justice in Martin McDonagh's 'A Very Very Very Dark Matter'.” Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies HJEAS 26.2 (2020): 255-71.
Lanters, José. The Theatre of Thomas Kilroy: No Absolutes. Cork University Press, 2018: 280 pp.
Lanters, José. “Desperationists and Ineffectuals: Mary Manning's Gate Plays of the 1930s.” The Gate Theatre, Dublin: Inspiration and Craft. Ed. Clare, David, Lally, Des, and Lonergan, Patrick. Peter Lang, (2018): 97-110.
Lanters, José. “'There's ropes and there's ropes': The Textual and Moral Fibre of Martin McDonagh's Hangmen.” Irish University Review 48.2 (2018): 315-330.
Lanters, José. “Thomas Kilroy and the Idea of a Theatre.” The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre. Ed. Grene, Nicholas, and Morash, Chris. Oxford University Press, (2016): 337-53.
Lanters, Josepha C., and , eds. Beyond Realism: Experimental and Unconventional Irish Drama since the Revival. Brill/Rodopi, 2015: 234 pp.
Lanters, José. “Queer Creatures, Queer Place: Otherness and Normativity in Irish Drama from Synge to Friel.” The Irish Theatre in Transition: From the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Century. Ed. Morse, Donald. Palgrave Macmillan, (2015): 54-67.
Lanters, José. “'We'll Be the Judges of That': The Critical Reception of DruidSynge in the USA.” Irish Drama: Local and Global Perspectives. Ed. Grene, Nicholas, and Lonergan, Patrick. Carysfort Press, (2012): 35-47.
Lanters, José. “'Like Tottenham': Martin McDonagh's Postmodern Morality Tales.” The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh. Ed. Lonergan, Patrick. Methuen, (2012): 165-78.
Lanters, José. Unauthorized Versions: Irish Menippean Satire, 1919-1952. Catholic University of America Press, 2000: 287 pp.