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Koo, Luisa

Teaching Asst-Dissertatot

Plan: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies - PhD

Horror films, zombie films, race and gender, diaspora, popular culture

Conference Presentation(s):
“Zombie Ontology and Fear of Minoritization: From Yellow Peril to Zombie Phenomenon.” Graduate Workshop on Cultural Studies in Asia, National University of Singapore, February 2014.

“The Masculine and the Abject: Defiance of the Stereotypical Feminine Orient.” Cultural Studies in the Asian Context, Hong Kong Baptist University, January 2014.

“Rape and Otherization: from ‘Yellow Peril’ to Zombie Phenomenon.” English Language and Literature Association of Korea, Yonsei University, June 2013.

Recent  Publication(s):
“The Masculine and the Abject: Defiance of the Stereotypical Orient in M. Butterfly.” The 21st Century Association of English Language and Literature1 (2014): 93-109.

Teaching Experience:
ENG 101: Intro to College Writing