Evelynn Kersting

English - Media, Cinema and Digital Studies, PhD

Plan: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies - PhD

Achieved Degrees
MA - English (Film and Literature) Northern Illinois University

Music, eSports, Film

Academic Awards 
Robert T. Self Award outstanding papers in Literature and Film (Northern Illinois University)

Conference Presentations
“Fusing Story and Game: Narrativizing Ludic Death in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.” MPCA/ACA. Cincinnati, OH, 2019.
"East, West, and Gendered Subjectivity: The Music of Wong Kar-wai" MCLLM, DeKalb, IL, 2018.
"Film as Text in the English Composition Classroom." Allerton English Articulation Conference. Monticello, IL, 2017

Teaching Experience
ENG 102 - College Writing and Research - UW-Milwaukee
ENGL 203 - Rhetoric and Composition II - NIU
ENGL 103 - Rhetoric and Composition I - NIU