Johnston, Jessica

Grad Graduate Student Fellows

Plan: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies - PhD

Achieved Degree(s):
BA English (Creative Writing and Film Studies) - University of Montana, 2012
MA English (Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies) - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2015

Feminist Media Studies, Girlhood Studies, Reality TV, Celebrity and Star Studies, Digital Culture

Academic Award(s):
Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship (2019-2020), James A. Sappenfield Fellowship in English (2018), Eliana G. Berg Award for Graduate Research (2017), Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowship (2016-2019), Heldrich-Dvorak Travel Fellowship for SW PCA/ACA (2014), UWM Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award (2013)

Conference Presentation(s):
“Mother Knows Best: Managing the Girl in the Reality TV Family.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Seattle, WA, March 2019.

“Girl’s Got Talent: Gender, Celebrity, and Achievement on the Reality Talent Show.” International Girls’ Studies Conference. University of Notre Dame, March 2019.

“White Women’s Wrath: Reconsidering Feminist Narrative Television in a Post-election Context.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Toronto, Canada, March 2018.

“The Managed 8-Bit Heart: Technology, Status, and Emotional Labor in Black Mirror.” Single Lives 2017: 200 Years of Independent Women in Literature and Popular Culture. University College Dublin, Ireland, October 2017.

“Growing Up Trans: Negotiating the Celebrity and Labor of Teen Activist Jazz Jennings.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Chicago, IL, March 2017.

“On the (Cutting) Edge: Postfeminism, Neoliberalism, and the Glass Ceiling in the Political Media Discourse of Hillary Clinton.” Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, February 2017.

“Girl Meets Queer: Interpreting a Queer Girlhood through Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.” Film and History Conference. Milwaukee, WI, October 2016. (Chair).

“Hello Barbie, Hello Virtual World: Performances of Girlhood in the Age of Digital Doll Play.” Console-ing Passions Conference. University of Notre Dame, June 2016.

“Little Girls, Monstrous Secrets: How Genre Paradigms Can Restrict Our Understanding of Girlhood in Mass Culture.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference. Atlanta, GA, March 2016.

“The Disposable Sex Worker: Distortion and Dehumanization of Sex Work in Film and Media.” National Women’s Studies Association Conference. Milwaukee, WI, November 2015.

“Gross Girlhoods: Disgust, Trauma, and the Female Adolescent Body in the Film Wetlands.” Film and History Conference. Madison, WI, November 2015.

“What Every Woman Must Know: Sex Ed on YouTube and the Power of the Female Voice.” International Association of Media and History Conference. Indiana University Bloomington, June 2015.

“‘Till Regeneration Do Us Part’: Doctor Who–Themed Weddings and the Performance of Fandom.” SW PCA/ACA. Albuquerque, NM, February 2014.0

Teaching Experience:
FILM STUDIES 391: Television Criticism and Theory, FILM STUDIES/ART HIST 205: History of Film I: The Development of an Art, 1895-1945 (TA), FILM STUDIES 291: Intro to TV Studies (Online & F2F), ENG/FILM STUDIES/ART HIST 111: Entertainment Arts: Film/TV/Internet (TA & Online), ENG 102: College Research and Writing, ENG 101: Intro to College Writing

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