Brame, Patrick

Teaching Assistant-Dissertator

Plan: Media, Cinema and Digital Studies - PhD

Achieved Degree(s):
B.A. Penn State University 2009
M.A. San Francisco State University 2014

Selected Publication(s):
“Ghosts Are Real: Digital Spectatorship within Analog Space in Crimson Peak.”
Invisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture, Issue 27: Spectacular Visions, (Nov. 2017).

Spectatorship, Modern Spatial Theory, Cultural and Archaeological Histories of Media, and Genre Studies.

Academic Award(s):
James A Sappenfield Fellowship

Conference Presentation(s):
(Home) Theater Away From Theater: The Blurring Boundaries of Home Exhibition in World War II America

Society For Cinema and Media Studies National Conference March 2019

Ghosts Are Real: Subjective Digitality within Analog Space in Crimson Peak
The Popular Culture Association National Conference April 2017

Dexter Morgan: The Traumatized American in a Post 9/11 World
The Free Exchange Conference: Heroes and Villains at The University of Calgary March 2011

Teaching Experience:
ENG 101: Introduction to College Writing
ENG 102: College Writing and Research
FILMSTD/ARTHIST/ENG 111: Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet (Online)
FLMSTD/ARTHIST 205: Film History I
FILMSTD/AH 206: Film History II

Professional Website: