STEMComm Courses

The STEM Communications Course Series prepares researchers, educators, and graduate students to effectively communicate about scientific and scholarly research with a wide variety of public stakeholders. The program offers a wide selection of one-credit communications-intensive courses that combine practical theory with hands-on experience communicating current research.


English 901 – STEM Narratives
Students develop the ability to craft compelling research narratives for a variety of audiences, including interdisciplinary researchers, public policy professionals, the press, and public stakeholders.

English 902 – STEM and Public Debate
Students learn how to engage in public debates about science, with special attention paid to responding to scientific detractors and manufactured controversies.

English 903 – Presenting STEM
Students develop facility with oral presentations of research results to a wide variety of venues including conferences, public lectures, and job talks.


Dave Clark Rhetoric of technology and management; content management and single sourcing; information design; writing pedagogy

S. Scott Graham Rhetoric of science and medicine; science-policy interface; interdisciplinary medical communication; new materialisms and multiple ontologies; critical/cultural technical communication; health and medical writing; document design

William Keith Public argument and public deliberation; rhetoric and argumentation in science and technology; history of speech and writing pedagogies; disciplinary histories

If you have any further questions about these requirements, or other questions related to the program, contact Graduate Coordinator of the Professional and Technical Writing program, Scott Graham.