PTW Graduate Courses

English 427 – Writing for Nonprofits
Persuasive writing of advocacy genres, such as reports, letters, websites, and social media, produced by nonprofit organizations; focus on theory, practice, collaboration, and service learning

English 430 – Advanced Writing Workshop
A tutorial course in advanced exposition; individual assignments and conferences

English 431 – Topics in Advanced Communications 
Seminar in the history, theory, or practice of professional, technical, medical, or science communications

English 433 – Creative Nonfiction for Publication
Writing in a variety of creative nonfiction formats, using literary techniques; preparation of articles for submission to magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and educational publications

English 434 – Editing and Publishing
Training and practice in editorial procedures; preparation of fiction/nonfiction manuscripts for book or journal publication; editorial rewriting; editing; copyediting; proofreading; fundamentals of layout/design

English 435 – Professional and Technical Communications
The process of communications development in business, industry, and government, with intensive practice and analysis of professional writing and publishing techniques and products

English 436 – Technical Documentation
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise technical instructions; audience analysis, customer requirements, information architecture, training materials, web projects, and emerging technology discussion topics

English 437 – Project Management for Professional Writers
Major stages of the writing process in workplace contexts: research, analysis, project planning and management, document design, usability testing, and revision

English 438 – Advanced Research Writing
Intensive instructions in methods and writing for research papers: audience analysis, bibliographic methods, computer searches, interpretation of data, style guides, abstracts and summaries, and the publication process

English 439 – Information Design 
Development of technical communication projects for external clients, applying theories from graphic design, usability, cognitive psychology, and technical communication

English 443 – Grant Writing
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise grant proposals and related documents; audience analysis, rhetorical approaches, research methods, and online grantseeking

English 444 – Technical Editing
Theories, methods, and practice in editing professional and technical documents; grammar and usage; copyediting and comprehensive editing; editor-writer relationship; rhetorical, social, and audience analysis

English 449 – Writing Internship in English
Practicum in writing enabling students to develop new skills and credentials while learning how best to test theory through practice and apply theory to practice

English 705 – Professional Writing Research
Seminar on theories, methods, and practice in professional writing practitioner research; observations, interviews, surveys, storyboarding, focus groups, usability testing; research design, IRB proposals; data analysis and reporting

English 706 – Seminar in Professional Writing Theory and Pedagogy
Theory and application of various approaches to teaching technical and business writing on the college and university level

English 707 – Writing for Business Management
Theory and practice of business writing: advanced techniques of audience analysis, organization, persuasion, and revision for clarity, in writing reports, memos, letters, and journal articles

English 708 – Advanced Professional Writing
Seminar on the theory and development of students’ professional approaches to writing, research on professional writing genres, and intensive analysis and editorial revisions of documents

English 709 – Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Technology
Seminar on theory and research concerning audiences and information architecture for on-line discourse, instructional design, e-learning, documentation systems, hypertext, mark-up languages, cultural factors, and Web site development

English 710 – Advanced Project Management for Professional Writers
Seminar on the theoretical issues, empirical findings, and advanced strategies for project management; research, task analysis, planning, collaboration, problem solving, document design, usability testing and quality evaluation

English 711 – Topics in Professional Writing
Special topics seminar in the history, theory, pedagogy, or practice of professional writing; special focus on public and workplace literacy

English 712 – Professional Writing Theory
Seminar on the major theoretical perspectives influencing the field of professional writing

English 713 – Qualitative Research in Writing and Literacy
Seminar on the issues and practice of qualitative research as it applies to areas of inquiry related to writing and literacy

English 714 – Usability Studies
Seminar on history and theory of usability studies and advanced practice in usability assessment and testing

English 749 – Advanced Writing Internship in Englishlish
Practicum in writing enabling students to develop new skills and credentials while learning how best to test theory through practice and apply theory to practice

English 855 – Seminar in Theories of Business and Technical Writing
Theories of writing processes and products in the workplace; the effects of institutional structures and corporate cultures on writers and writing.