Graduate students in professional and technical writing who apply by the December 15th deadline may apply for teaching, research and project assistantships in the Department of English. Our students currently hold the following positions:

  • Teaching Assistantship in First-Year Composition
  • Teaching Assistantship in Professional and Technical Writing
  • Teaching Assistantship in Engineering Outreach
  • Research Assistantship in the SAMComm Laboratory
  • Project Assistantship in Program Communications/Support

Students awarded Teaching Assistantships will be assigned courses based on their experience and departmental needs. New First-Year Composition TAs are required to take the TA Proseminar in their first semester. Students interested in teaching in the Professional and Technical Writing or Engineering programs must first complete ENGL 706: Seminar in Professional Writing Theory and Pedagogy.

Please indicate in your Statement of Purpose if you would like to be considered for a Research Assistantship in the Scientific and Medical Communications Laboratory. (You may apply for a TAship simultaneously.)

Applications for available Project Assistantships are generally solicited on an as-needed basis.

For more information and financial details, please click here for assistantship information from the UWM Graduate College.