Master’s Program

Below are the requirements for the MA program in Professional and Technical Writing. These are the requirements for students enrolled in the program prior to Fall 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Plan B Coordinator, Rachel Bloom-Pojar, at


Our MA program requires course work, a Master’s project, and an oral exam. All degree requirements must be completed within five years of initial enrollment. The project must be completed and the exam taken within one year after completing 30 credits.

6 credits in core courses in Theory and Research:

  • English 712 – Professional Writing Theory
  • English 713 – Qualitative Research

3 credits in an 800-level Seminar in Professional Writing or a related topic area approved by the advisor:

  • English 855 – Seminar in Theories of Business and Technical Writing (recommended)

12 credits in Professional Writing Practice or Pedagogy at the 700-level or at the 400-level with the approval of a Plan G faculty advisor:

In this category, students can take no more than 6 credits of any combination of 400-level U/G courses and interdisciplinary courses.

  • English 431 – Topics in Advanced Communications: (Subtitle)
  • English 433 – Creative Nonfiction for Publication
  • English 434 – Editing and Publishing
  • English 439 – Information Design
  • English 443 – Grant Writing
  • English 444 – Technical Editing
  • English 701 – The Teaching of College Composition
  • English 706 – Seminar in Professional Writing Theory and Pedagogy
  • English 707 – Writing for Business Management
  • English 708 – Advanced Professional Writing
  • English 709 – Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Technology
  • English 710 – Advanced Project Management for Professional Writers
  • English 711 – Topics in Professional Writing: (Subtitle)

3 credits in an internship, 700-level electives in Professional Writing that could lead to a final project

Students should consult with their advisor about which option would best suit their background and career goals. In general, students with little workplace experience will take the internship and those with substantial workplace experience will take a 700-level elective.

Final Project

The final project is a research paper or other special project that will grow out of and significantly extend some aspect of the student’s professional writing studies and will be appropriate to the student’s professional goals.


For the MA program: Students will need a minimum of 27 credits of coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree, plus a 3-credit master’s project.

Each student’s program of study must be approved by a faculty advisor, the Plan G Coordinator, and the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Grievance Procedures

Federal law and UWM policy require programs and departments to have procedures for graduate students to appeal academic decisions such as grades or scholastic standing. These procedures ensure the protection of students’ rights. These pages serve as a reference on procedures for graduate student academic appeals.