Supporting International Students in Your Classroom

Are you a lecturer or professor who has an international student in your class? Have you ever had difficulty knowing what tools and resources you can provide for your international student? Are you unsure how to work with an English Language Learner (ELLs)? The English Language Academy has compiled a list of resources below to assist you in working with ELLs. ELLs will have different linguistic and academic needs than domestic, native speakers of English in your classes. We want to ensure that you have the tools and resources that you need to provide international students a quality education in your classroom.

1) Supporting Multilingual Writers



2) How Can I Support ELLS in my Classroom? _ Classroom Culture 

Empathy and Inclusion for ELL Students 

 Creating an Inclusive Classroom for ESL Students (It includes tips for teachers) 


3) Writing Challenges 

How to Teach Writing through Bad Writing 


4) Cultural Differences 

Moving Towards Cultural Responsiveness 


5) UWM Campus Support 

Writing Center: 

Multicultural Student Centers: 

Accessibility Resource Center: 

Career Planning and Resource Center: 

Center for Student Involvement: 

Student Success Center: 

Inclusive Excellence Center: 

Enrollment and Financial Services: 


6) Written Corrective Feedback: Steps for Classroom Teachers and Practitioners (7-page scholarly article) 


7) An ESL Instructor’s Guidebook for Reducing Test Anxiety at the Community College Level Through Exploring Alternatives in Assessment (It’s a thesis, but pages 27 to 59 outline a detailed class plan)