February 7-11th: Outdoor Events!

Hello ESL students! Want to get outdoors and see how beautiful winter in Wisconsin can be? There are several trips and activities hosted by Outdoor Pursuits that you can take part in, either for free, or a minimal fee! If you’re interested, check out the Trips and Activities listed on their website here: https://uwm.edu/urec/outdoor-pursuits/trips/.

Here are some trips coming up this week:


  • Discover Scuba Diving ($10/Student)
    Wednesday, February 7th (5:00-7:00PM)
    4 Spots Available

  • Bike to UWM Day (FREE)
    Friday, February 9th (7:00-8:30AM)
    No limits. Refreshments provided at Fireside Lounge.
  • Cross Country Skiing ($15/Student)
    Saturday, February 10th (9:00AM-1:00PM)
    2 Spots Available
  • Ice Skating ($10/Student)
    Saturday, February 10th (2:00PM-5:00PM)
    8 Spots Available

  • Ice Climbing ($80/Student)
    Sunday, February 11th (7:00AM-6:00PM)
    4 Spots Available
Spring Break Registration Update:
  • Florida Adventure, Canoeing and Snorkeling — 2 Spots Available! Filling Quickly!
  • Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Rock Climbing and Hiking — 10 Spots Available.