Liu to Research Smart City Work Zones

Yue Liu, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, received a five-year, $1,562,564 grant from Precision Systems, Inc. to research next-generation work zone management systems and data-hub development.


Associate Professor Yue Liu to study technology of smart cities.

It is part of a national, Department of Transportation push for smart cities. Smart cities would fully integrate innovative technology (self-driving cars, connected vehicles, artificial intelligence and big data mining, for example) into their transportation networks.

Liu’s past research on predictive traffic evacuation models for the Washington D.C. area—solving outbound traffic problems in the event of a severe accident or terrorist attack, for example—was used during the 2009 inauguration of President Obama.

Jie Yu, Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UWM, will be the co-PI on this grant, which supports hiring seven to 10 research assistants annually.

Because there are no subcontracts involved, Liu notes that all grant money will remain at UWM.