Yu presents biomedical engineering talk at Mayo Clinic

Photo used with permission of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research; all rights reserved.


Zeyun Yu, associate professor of computer science and biomedical engineering, was recently invited by Mayo Clinic’s Department of Health Sciences Research to present a scientific talk for the Clinical Informatics Grand Rounds on Feb. 11 in Rochester, MN.

Yu’s talk, “3D Computer Vision: Modeling and Analysis in Biomedicine” was attended by physicians and research scientists from the medical center’s Rochester campus and was made available online for those working at other Mayo campuses.

Yu discussed the use of both rule-based and data driven-based 3D computational vision strategies in the context of precise medical image analysis.

Yu is researching ways in which big data can improve patient-specific diagnostics. While 3D technology analysis has been around for decades, he says, recent developments have increased the amount and quality of data captured by 3D imaging and scanning device.

Specifically, his work holds applications in honing decisions regarding tumors—by providing more information to clinicians on the shape, size and volume of the tumor—and wound care—in part by capturing more information on how the wound’s area and depth are changing over time. Visual inspection of a wound’s volume and shape carries an error rate of up to 30 percent, he says.

Yu is now discussing possible partnerships between the college and Mayo, including: a research collaboration, internships for biomedical engineering and computer science students, and a series of joint lectures on big data in healthcare.